Waterloo Renovation Drawings


So, you’re planning a renovation. That’s great! Have you considered who you’d like to hire as your professional renovator? Or if you’ll need a trade contractor? Or a home energy advisor? If these words are making your head spin, sit down for a moment and remember this name: G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

We’re the team who can help make all this happen, without headaches or mumbo-jumbo or the confusion that often surrounds large renovation projects. Before costs can be worked out and construction can begin, you’ll need to start with design work and renovation drawings. In Waterloo, Ontario, we’re the team for that job.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we can see your job through from start to finish—point A to point Z, as it were—and make sure that everything happens in between the way it should. We believe in open, honest communication with our clients. Relationships come first, because frankly, how else would we be able to understand your expectations for the project… and then exceed them?

From Waterloo renovation drawings to construction to ribbon cutting, G. Douglas Vallee Limited will see you through from start to finish. No matter the project size!