Waterloo Culvert Engineering


If you’re ever on the run from a tornado, we wouldn’t recommend hiding in a culvert. Debris tends to collect in low spots like culverts and ditches! But if you’re looking to build a culvert? Well, then you’ve come to the right people. We can’t predict the weather, but we’re experts at culvert engineering in Waterloo!

We’re G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and we bring over 300 years of combined experience to structural engineering projects in the region. We have an ongoing commitment to leading edge technology, and this has enabled us to provide our clients with highly professional services in an increasingly competitive market.

Our team approach to all our projects helps to create an environment that fosters success for our clients. In fact, our Head of Structural Engineering has such extensive experience and expertise that the University of Western Ontario invites him annually to sit as a panel member to judge senior engineering students’ thesis presentations!

G. Douglas Vallee Limited has completed hundreds of successful projects in bridge and culvert engineering. In Waterloo, we’re ready to complete hundreds more. Give us a call today!