Waterloo Building Permit Drawings


When you’ve got a project planned for Waterloo, building permit drawings are just one step among many in the process of getting approvals for construction. Those drawings need to be exact, specific, and match up with the approved site plan drawings—so there’s plenty to consider as you try to get your project underway.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we understand that you have a long checklist of things to do and a limited time in which to do them. Delays on permit drawings can mean costly setbacks, and starting the whole process over again may simply not be realistic or affordable. Why not ensure that the job is done right the first time?

We’re experts in building permit drawings in Waterloo, not to mention feasibility studies, site and building renderings, contract administration, and just about anything else you can imagine at any stage of your project. Our team of professionals has over 300 combined years of experience, and a willingness to work on projects of any size—private projects, municipal projects, or small ventures.

You name it—we can do it!