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G. Douglas Vallee Limited
2 Talbot Street North
Simcoe, Ontario, N3Y 3W4
Tel: 519-426-6270, Fax: 519-426-6277
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Vallee & Yeo Limited, Ontario Land Surveyor

Mr. John D. Vallee, P.Eng., and Mr. Michael W. Yeo, O.L.S. are the co-owners of Vallee & Yeo Limited, Ontario Land Surveyor.

This firm was created in accordance with laws of the Province of Ontario as administered by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors. The principal object of the firm is to provide professional land surveying services while protecting the interest of the clients. Vallee & Yeo Limited offers the following services to our clients: 

  • Cadastral (legal) surveying of property boundaries
  • Surveyor’s real property reports
  • Land titles application plans
  • Plans of subdivision and condominium
  • Topographic surveys
  • Building layouts and construction control 

Vallee & Yeo Limited operates within the office space of G. Douglas Vallee Limited, allowing the two businesses to offer seamless service to our common clients. This arrangement allows Vallee & Yeo Limited to offer a highly professional level of service through the use of the facilities at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. Our focus is to provide quality professional surveying services in a timely manner at a reasonable fee.

Mr. Michael W. Yeo, O.L.S. is co-owner and President of Vallee & Yeo Limited. Mike is responsible for the daily operation of the firm and  personally oversees all surveying activities. Born and raised in Waterford, Mike is proud to call Norfolk County home. He has over 20 years experience surveying in both Norfolk and Haldimand counties. This extensive experience includes the full range of professional land surveying services to a wide range of public and private sector clients. During Mike’s career he has earned a reputation for high quality work within the legal and surveying communities. He looks forward to continued interaction with former clients as well as serving new ones.

Mr. John D. Vallee, P.Eng. is co-owner of Vallee & Yeo Limited. As the President of G. Douglas Vallee Limited, Consulting Engineers, Architects, and Planners, John is very excited to include Vallee & Yeo Limited within the Vallee group of land development professionals. This service adds to the “full service approach” that John has worked hard to build in recent years. Land surveying activities provide the critical foundation upon which every land development project is based, and it is essential to have a quality, time sensitive source for these professional services. In addition to servicing new clients, Vallee & Yeo Limited will ensure that the clients of G. Douglas Vallee Limited have access to these all important surveying services.