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Structural Engineering

Mr. Ryan Elliott, P.Eng., BDS, heads the structural engineering department at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, a Professional Engineer and a Building Design Specialist licensed with Professional Engineers Ontario. Ryan’s education and experience spans structural, civil, and geotechnical engineering, providing him with practical design knowledge from the foundation footing all the way up to the roof system.

Structural Engineering at G. Douglas Vallee Limited supports our Architectural practice through the provision of structural design for all of our building projects. Ryan is registered as a Qualified Designer under the Building Code Act. This includes the design of footings, foundations, framing, and general building structure. Our staff is familiar and comfortable with the use of wood, steel, concrete, and masonry for building structural materials.

Our Structural Engineering practice also includes pure structural projects such as bridges, culverts, and structural frames. The firm has successfully undertaken hundreds of bridge and culvert projects for the area municipalities over the history of the practice. This work has included the design of new and replacement structures, rehabilitations, and municipal need studies and OSIM inspections. Through this work we have become very familiar with the regulatory requirements of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, the Navigable Waters Protection Act, and the Fisheries Act.