Kitchener Home Designs



In 1964, G. Douglas Vallee Limited was incorporated with the objective of offering up quality Professional Engineering services, which later expanded into Architecture. Why? Because we have a passion for both of these areas, and they work together to allow us to be a full-service firm, offering up the highest quality workmanship in both the public and private sectors.

One area we have plenty of experience in is residential development, which we offer in the Tri-Cities area. We love putting together Kitchener home designs and seeing someone’s vision come to life. In fact, that’s really what we’re all about—seeing your vision realized through meeting your expectations… or better yet, exceeding them!

G. Douglas Vallee Limited believes in a close client relationship, involving the client at every stage. What good is it to have a qualified team working on your project if they don’t understand you and your needs? We listen first, and then use our extensive experience to work with you to fulfill your expectations for Kitchener home designs.

Give G. Douglas Vallee Limited a call, and see how we can work with you to make your vision a reality.