Kitchener Grading Design


So, you have a lot that needs grading. Would you give it an "F”? Maybe a "B-"? Okay, we’re just joking—we know that’s not the kind of grading you need. But if you hire someone for Kitchener grading design and a year later, the building you’ve put up on the land is flooded, then maybe that "F” is fully deserved.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’re overachievers. We’ll go for nothing lower than an "A+” when it comes to grading design, because we’re committed to quality—and that means quality that lasts! We’ve built a reputation on honesty and integrity, and we put that dedication into everything we do.

When it comes to grading design, each municipality tends to have its own set of guidelines on how things should be done, and the design may need to be approved by the city before anything else can be done on the lot. It can be stressful and overwhelming, but G. Douglas Vallee Limited has that covered—we have a Registered Land Use Planner who knows exactly what to do.

Let us work through the City of Kitchener’s lengthy Urban Design Manual and save you the stress. Give us a call and ask about Kitchener grading design today!