Kitchener Grade Checks


Who loves transits? We do! Sure, they might be unwieldy and awkward to cart around, but there’s something fascinating about looking at the topography of this great land we live in. Call us strange, but we’re not going to apologize for loving the work we do!

In fact, you might have a residential project or commercial project, or anything in between, and be in need of a grade check in Kitchener. To that we say: Call us! G. Douglas Vallee Limited is a firm made up of highly experienced professionals who are great at their jobs and who enjoy what they do.

And they enjoy meeting the people they do the work for! In fact, that’s a foundational tenet of our business here at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. We believe in a close client relationship, ensuring that the client is able to participate and interact during each phase of any project we work on. After all, we need to know your needs and expectations first—then we can exceed them.

If you have a lot that’s in need of a grade check, remember that we’re experts in our field and we enjoy working in the Tri-Cities area on all manner of engineering and architecture projects. If you’re looking for someone to do Kitchener grade checks, give us a call today.