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Field Services

G. Douglas Vallee Limited offers a full range of construction field services to our clients. Mr. G. Richard Butler has been with our firm for over 40 years and is our Senior Engineering Technologist and primary provider of field services. Rick has experience in all facets of construction and a long history of dealing with contractors.

Construction can be the most important phase of any project, and it is critical to ensure that projects are constructed in accordance with the design drawings and the requirements of the owner / client. This can only be achieved with a thorough review of the construction process. Our primary role is to ensure that our client, the owner, is receiving the high quality of construction that he is paying for under the terms of the construction contract. We firmly believe in the saying that "you get what you inspect, not what you expect.”

We believe that this critical aspect of the project cannot be left to junior staff members that are still on the learning curve. Therefore we provide seasoned people in the field that are wise to the ways of contractors and can protect the interest of our clients in a fair and reasonable way.

Our field-staff provide the following services to our clients:

  • General construction review to confirm conformance to contract documents
  • Coordination of material testing and geotechnical work
  • Quantity measurement for basis for payment
  • Field negotiation with contactors for changes and pricing.