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Brantford, Ontario

The City of Brantford boasts over 134,000 people where it sits in southwestern Ontario, founded on the Grand River. Brantford began expanding during the 1820s and, by the 1830s, became a notable stop on the Underground Railroad.

Brantford expanded in the 1860s and 1870s with the introduction of manufacturing, foundries, and factories like the Brantford Engine Works. Manufacturers established themselves in Brantford during the 1870s, beginning with Cockshutt and Harris.

Brantford today is a cultural hub, boasting several museums and festivals, including the Bell Summer Theatre Festival. It holds annual food events, too, which makes it a perfect family destination. It even has convenient access to public transportation and highways, including Highways 403 and 24. Brantford's history shows in its architecture, which is where G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. comes in.

G. Douglas Vallee Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Architects, and Planners provides Brantford residential and commercial engineering services. Contact us at 519-426-6270 to discuss your Brantford residential or commercial engineering project.

London, Ontario

London, located in southwestern Ontario at the convergence of the North and South Thames Rivers, is a city of about 384,000 residents, according to the 2016 Canadian census and is the county seat of Middlesex County.

The Village of London was incorporated in 1855 and has since grown to become the largest municipality in Southwestern Ontario and the 11th largest in Canada. London is home to the University of Western Ontario and is the regional center of healthcare and education. Canadians of European descent make up over 80 percent of the population, with 2.4 percent being First Nations or other indigenous peoples, and 16 percent other minority groups.

Medical research, manufacturing, and information technology make up the largest sectors of the London economy. The University of Western Ontario is involved with a significant part of the life sciences and biotechnology research in London, adding C$1.5 billion annually to the Canadian economy.

London has an impressive history when it comes to engineering. It constructed its first iron bridge in 1875, and its military headquarters still stand in the city. While London has made impressive architectural advances in recent years, it has done so without sacrificing the city's beauty or history.

London residential engineering and commercial clients choose G. Douglas Vallee Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Architects, and Planners for their engineering services. Contact G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. at 519-426-6270 to schedule an appointment and discuss your London residential or commercial engineering project.

Simcoe, Ontario

Simcoe, Ontario, is an unincorporated area in Southwestern Ontario just north of Lake Erie. It serves as the county seat of Norfolk County. The area known as Simcoe was founded in 1795 by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe.

Simcoe is home to many historical landmarks, including the Norfolk County Memorial Tower and Wellington Park. The area mixes International and Gothic architecture, making it a visually impressive location for residents and tourists alike. Over the years, Simcoe has welcomed the addition of more white-collar jobs, especially in banking, following the Molson Bank's integration just before the start of the 20th century.

The local population consists mostly of Canadians of Western European descent, along with smaller percentages of Canadians of Eastern European descent and First Nation peoples. The local economy relies on the retail service industry, light manufacturing, financial services, agriculture, and homebuilding.

Simcoe commercial engineering and residential architecture clients rely on G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. for their consulting engineering and architectural prowess. G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. has provided Simcoe residential engineering services and expertise to the area for over 50 years, and we always take care of our clients. Contact us today at 519-426-6270 or visit us online at gdvallee.ca.

Woodstock, Ontario

Woodstock, Ontario is a city with a population of over 40,000, per the 2016 Canadian census. It is the county seat of Oxford County. Woodstock lies at the head of the Thames River and has made its name as the Dairy Capital of Canada.

Fanshawe College, one of Canada's largest colleges, is in Woodstock. The city hosts many cultural and artistic exhibits and festivals, including Cowapolooza and The Canadian Farm Show. Woodstock's local economy centers on manufacturing and tourism and is a market for the agricultural industry in the surrounding area. Several automotive manufacturing factories call the city home, too.

The local population in Woodstock is over 90 percent European Canadian, with 5.3 percent combined minority populations, and 2.2 percent aboriginal peoples. The city has a community center with a 2,500-seat hockey arena and a banquet hall and atrium for community social gatherings. Woodstock also has a plethora of historical buildings, from the Town Hall to the Woodstock Public Library.

Call G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. today at 519-426-6270 for your Woodstock commercial engineering and residential architecture needs. G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. provides Woodstock residential engineering services and expertise and experience our clients rely on for their consulting engineering and architecture needs. Call us to schedule an appointment with our team and discuss your commercial or residential construction project.

Guelph, Ontario

Guelph, Ontario, known as The Royal City, is 100 km west of Toronto and the county seat of Wellington County. Guelph is known for having the lowest crime rate and one of the lowest unemployment rates of comparably sized cities in Canada.

Manufacturing is the leading sector of the Guelphian economy, led by automotive parts, fabricated metal products, and machinery. Other areas that make up the local economy include agriculture and biotechnology. The city also frequently hosts on-location television and film production. Guelph had the lowest unemployment rate in Canada as of January 2019.

The population in Guelph is over 131,000 and consists of 78 percent Canadians of European descent, 18 percent combined minority populations, and 3 percent aboriginal peoples. English, Chinese, and Italian are the top three most spoken languages in Guelph, followed by French.

Guelph has convenient public transportation that transports over 5,000 people daily. Guelph Central Train Station is one of the busiest public transport locations in Canada. Guelph even has a variety of museums and historic architectural sites throughout the city, many of which can be found downtown.

G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Architects, and Planners can assist with all of your civil engineering, architectural, design, and planning needs. We provide the best Guelph residential engineering and commercial engineering services for your needs. Call us at 519-426-6270, so we can discuss your Guelph commercial engineering project.

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario, located at the west end of Lake Ontario, is an industrialized port city with a population of over 536,000. Combined with the towns of Burlington and Grimsby, the local census area has a population of 747,545. Hamilton is 58 km southwest of Toronto and is part of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Hamilton has a colorful history from pre-colonial times up to the present day. It began to grow in prosperity when it grew into an administrative center in 1816 and became a major port with the completion of the canal to Lake Ontario in 1832.

Hamilton's population consists mostly of Canadians of Western European descent. However, it's worth noting that nearly 25 percent of the population was born outside of Canada, per the 2016 Canadian census.

Transportation and health both play significant roles in Hamilton's infrastructure. Hamilton has an active bus system, and the city is located near several major highways. Hamilton's hospital network includes five separate hospitals, as well as other health centres like Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre and Regional Rehabilitation Centre.

Hamilton residential engineering clients count on G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. for their engineering consulting and architectural services. G. Douglas Vallee, Ltd. has provided Hamilton commercial engineering expertise to the area for over 50 years with satisfied clients every time. Contact us today at 519-426-6270.