Ary Home Designs


When you need Ary home designs, why not have them drawn up by the best? Our Director of Architecture Mark Martynowicz brings more than 30 years of professional engineering and design experience to the plate. As a licensed member of the Ontario Association of Architects, and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Mark has the knowledge and skills to design nearly anything.

That isn't an empty boast either. Mark has countless projects under his belt, including home designs (naturally), specialized commercial and recreational buildings and structures, massive industrial buildings (where the demands of infrastructure and automation present unique building design challenges) and even health care buildings, which bring a whole host of specialized needs and challenges. Name a kind of building, and chances are Mark has at least one in his portfolio.

But his experience is only one element of Mark's success. The other is his ability to listen, absorb, and translate requests. Communication is the true mark of an exceptional engineer, and we're happy to say it is a quality we select for at G. Douglas Vallee. No matter the size or scope of your project, Mark is happy to sit down with you, discuss your desires and requirements in detail, implement that information and translate it into workable solutions which he will present to you and take you through before acquiring your final sign off. 

Could you possibly ask for more when it comes to your Ary home designs? Fill out the contact information on the side of the page and we'll be in touch!