Ary Grade Checks


It might sound funny, but the first time I was introduced to topography was a game. Some old board game of my grandfather's that was woefully over complex and featured a map with elevation changes. He explained it by talking about slopes and charting the path of the waterfall that cut through the middle of the map. It was a lesson that stuck with me through my entire childhood and even today when we work on Ary grade checks.

Topography is the name of the game when it comes to grade checks. Understanding the shape of the land, its natural slopes and hills, and how that will effect the flow of water in the area. When you understand that, you can chart exactly where rain water, snow melt, and even flood risks may present themselves.

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Let us give you the lay of the land. Hire G. Douglas Vallee for a grade check in Ary and make sure you're not running the risk of getting wet any time soon.